THE OCEAN – “The Great Dying” Roasted Coffee Beans + Mug Bundle

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Effervescent like the rough warm Permian seas, The Ocean’s Palaeo-Coffee is explosive, gusty and unforgiving. Built over an indestructible spine of 40% Robusta Pelagica, ‘The Great Dying‘ is a cyclical blend forged in eternal recurrence, told in the language of the finest and fittest of beans from 3 continents.

A triumphant uprush of life and full-bodied taste against death looming large on the Northern horizon, against 100.000 years of eruptions in the Siberian Traps. A strong evidence of the unbowed power of evolution.

You can choose between fibre drums and aroma valve bags, for packaging. The fibre drums are a permanent house for your coffee. Buy one once and keep it, then keep refilling it with coffee in aroma valve bags!

This item is on pre-order. It will be available October, 2020.

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This oceanic coffee blend is made up of the following beans, roasted on a 70 years old machine in a Berlin Kreuzberg backyard by a man who is a cofee encyclopedia in flesh and bean.

ROBUSTA PELAGICA is a premium robusta comprised of extra large beans cultivated with great care by smallholders in Java, Indonesia. It is one of the very few genuine robusta beans. This coffee’s flavour is a rare experience: formidably creamy, nutty and arguably quite strong, yet with a mild touch of sweetness.

Robustas from India are among the world’s best. These beans are sun-dried and come with a distinctive, earthy, full-bodied flavour recurring cyclically, and an eerie dark crema, reminiscent of sweet sandalwood on one hand, and a fine, barely noticeable acidity on the other.

TRANSCENDENTAL is a genuine long berry premium-arabica from Ethiopia, and one of the best moccas in the world. This coffee grows in the highest regions of the country, where the coffee plants grow slower and produce harder beans of a higher density because of the lack of water in the highlands. The high percentage of pearl beans distinguishes the firm and fruity vibe of this coffee.

This rare coffee from Cuba reverberates infinitely on the palate, and no you’re not wrong when you feel a hint of tobacco, as it is grown in the same regions. Cuban coffee is less acidic than most Central-American coffees, as it’s grown in lower locations. The plantations are controlled by cooperatives and are completely ecological.

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*** All Pelagic coffees are more than “fair trade“. The „fair trade“ label usually just means that the coffee pickers and smallholders are paid around 15 cents more per kg than average in the respective regions. With our speciality coffees, the actual quality of the coffee determines the prices and paybacks, which are nearly twice as high as the average world market price— and the best coffee quality can only be achieved by purely organic farming. ***

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