We are currently facing an exceptionally large volume of email inquiries, while operating at limited capacities due to Covid-19. Rest assured that we are working to get you your order ASAP, and please avoid sending us an email if you can. The more emails we have to answer, the less time we have to pack orders.

If you are wondering why your order was not shipped yet, before sending us an email, please check if one of the items you ordered is currently delayed here: https://pelagic-records.com/delivery-updates/  If you have one or more items in your order that are delayed, please have patience, we will ship your order as soon as we get the missing items. 

Our pressing plant and logistics partners are facing similar issues, a lot of productions have been delayed in the past few months. Parcels take longer than usual, even within Germany. Pickups of parcels are often cancelled by DHL. We have seen cases where parcels took 6 weeks to be delivered, even shipments from Germany to Germany  Some countries still have shipping restrictions in place.

Please be aware that we generally cannot ship your order until all items you ordered are here. If you have preordered an album, we won’t ship your order before the release date. If a vinyl shipment arrives later than we were promised, there is not much we can do.

Thank you for bearing with us!
Stay safe.

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Robin Staps
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10997 Berlin

E-Mail: shop@pelagic-records.com
For Flat Rate Subscription inquiries: subscriptions@pelagic-records.com

For wholesale inquires, please email james@pelagic-records.com

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