THE OCEAN – “The Grand Inquisitor” part III (10″ vinyl EP)



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THE GRAND INQUISITOR is a 10″ vinyl E.P. featuring the 3 “Grand Inquisitor” – tracks off The Ocean’s latest album “Anthropocentric”, as well as the 4th, previously unreleased chapter entitled “The Grand Inquisitor IV – Exclusion From Redemption”. This 7-minutes track is thematically completing the “Grand Inquisitor” – series, which makes reference to the chapter of the same title in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamasov.

The 10“ comes with 4 different silk-screened covers – one for each Grand-Inquisitor chapter. While Dawid Piprek and Chris Smith (the cover artists of the first pressing) visualized the first 2 chapters, Chrisitan Brix and Carl Whitbread focus on the 3rd and the 4th chapter.Christian Brix (Dresden, Germany) has visualized the lyrics to “The Grand Inquisitor III – A Tiny Grain of Faith”. His drawing shows the face of the non-believer, in who the devil has planted the seed of faith. The Holy Trinity is represented by 3 pairs of acorns in the left half of the picture, which form the 3 corners of a triangle.

  • silk-screened by hand onto 650 g (!) heavy natural cardboard.
  • transparent clear / transparent yellow colour-split vinyl.
  • This second pressing completes the series of the 4 chapters of The Grand Inquisitor. There will not be a 3rd pressing. This pressing is strictly limited to 250 copies of each version!
  • Comes with download coupon

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