Shipping - Pelagic Records


We ship to every country in the world, as long as there are mailboxes and postal addresses!

For most countries, you can choose between different shipping options:

  • FedEx (tracked, 2 – 5 days worldwide)
  • DPD (tracked, 2 – 7 days in Europe)
  • DHL (tracked, 2 – 60 days worldwide)
  • Letters / small parcels (UNTRACKED, 3 – 20 days). Note that this option works only for parcels up to 2 kg maximum weight. This option is usually a lot cheaper than the others, but it won’t come with a tracking number, and parcels are not insured.

Although 99,5% of our orders arrive well on time, we cannot not take responsibility for the untracked small parcels / letters option, and advise you choose a tracked / insured option.

Please be aware that we are not Amazon and that we may sometimes need up to 2 weeks, in rare cases more, to process and pack your order… especially if The Ocean are on tour (this shop is run mostly by band members). Thanks a bunch for your understanding and support!


Corona Disclaimer

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, at the moment we cannot guarantee when your parcel will ship. For more info, click the button below!
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