LOVE SEX MACHINE to release new album ‘TRVE’

LOVE SEX MACHINE to release new album ‘TRVE’


Lille-based noise-rock stalwarts Love Sex Machine have announced the release of ‘Trve’, their third full-length album and first new music in eight years, on the 12th of April, 2024.

If patience is a virtue, Love Sex Machine might as well be saints; albeit saints with a taste for the filthiest sludge metal riffs offset by down-tempo, post-metal grooves and a fiendish sense of lyrical humour. Trve’ is 10 long-awaited tracks of revitalised righteous indignation, wry social commentary and, of course, unspeakably disgusting heaviness.

All this, however, is not to say that Love Sex Machine don’t take their craft seriously. From the outset, the album is testament to the band’s decade of experience as idiosyncratic veterans of the European sludge scene. The intervening years have seen the French four-piece trim the fat from their bones to leave only a beating heart of menacing, hypnotic riffs that steadily tunnel their way into your brain.

Get ready for a first taste of what’s to come and pre-order the new album HERE!

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