Delivery Updates

Here you can find information regarding shipping dates & delays of upcoming releases & repressings. Due to the current bottleneck situation with vinyl manufacturing, please take into consideration that all orders containing one of the following items are currently delayed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience created.

IMPORTANT INFO – BURST BOXSETS: We’re sorry to report that the BURST box sets are still not ready. The lids of the box have been causing multiple issues. At first we received box sets in August which had scratches on the lids, under the shrink-wrapping. These did not pass our quality control, and we returned them to the pressing plant/printer. Since then, we’ve been getting updates that 1. Our claim has been accepted and the lids will be remade, 2. That the lids have been remade, but again had scratches on them (caused by the shrink-wrapping machine apparently) and will be remade another time, 3. That the lids have been remade a 3rd time and now have visible bubbles under the top paper layer and need to be remade a 4th time. We are told that they will be ready in 2 weeks time. Fingers crossed!

Item Pressing Artist Album Edition Current
Estimated date of
LP Boxset Burst Vertigo DELAYED  End of November
LP Boxset Burst Vortex DELAYED End of November
PEL209 2LP 1st pressing Psychonaut Violate Consensus Reality All editions Arrived at the warehouse All order will ship soon

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