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After the huge success of the first PELAGIC RECORDS label sampler „In The Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth“, released in September 2017, here is the follow up: yet another PELAGIC RECORDS label compilation, which serves as a sneak preview of the label’s upcoming releases in 2018!

This compilation features new and unreleased tracks by ANCESTORS, ARMS

AND SLEEPERS, PG.LOST, HYPNO5E, ABRAHAM, LABIRINTO, BRIQUEVILLE and new signing LESSER GLOW, as well as tracks taken off recently released albums.

The compilation was initially released digitally as part of a 4-pages feature on Pelagic Records in the December 2017 issue of VISIONS magazine (Germany).

„Founded in 2009 by THE OCEAN guitarist Robin Staps, PELAGIC RECORDS has become an increasingly vital outlet for modern progressive metal, post-metal and beyond“, ROCK-A- ROLLA stated, and German Prog magazine ECLIPSED added that PELAGIC has established itself as „one of the most influential labels“ in the realm of post metal, post rock and prog.

This compilation manages to merge the stylistic diversity of the label into a very listenable playlist, and serves as a great introduction to some up & coming Pelagic bands. Stay tuned for 2018, or MMXVIII!


01 – Spook The Horses – „Crude Shrines“
02 – Abraham – „Vulvaire“
03 – Pg.lost-„Vultures (Live at Dunk! 2017)“
04 – Emil Amos – „Elements Cycling“
05 – Lesser Glow – „Ruined“
06 – Ancestors – „Gone“
07 – Lo! – „Glutton“
08 – Arms And Sleepers – „Down“
09 – BRIQUEVILLE-„OuvertureI“
10 – YLVA – „Lapse“
11- The Ocean -„TurritopsisDohrnii“
12 – Hypno5e – „Cuarto del Alba“
13 – Klone – „Gone Up In Flames (Unplugged)“
14 – LLNN – „Loss“
15 – Labirinto – „Oromo“

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