Corona Disclaimer

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, at the moment we cannot guarantee when your parcel will ship.

As for what our part here at Pelagic is concerned, we are continuing to pack and ship parcels every day. However, shipping to certain countries (at the moment Australia and the United States among others) is restricted by certain or all couriers and/or the postal service. Please gather up-to-date information from the shipping provider of your choice, at one of the links below:

DHL / Deutsche Post:

We also cannot guarantee how much time it will take for your parcel to arrive. We have seen parcels within Germany take 2 weeks with DHL; while other parcels to far-away countries were delivered within the usual times. It’s all a bit unpredictable.

While giving you this warning, we would like to encourage you to go ahead and place your order for those vinyl you’d love to get your hands on. Please just have a bit of patience. We need your support, our bands need your support, so if you are OK with waiting a bit longer than usual, then PLEASE DO ORDER. Thank you!