Eric Kniss

Rashid Nadjib

Troy Schoenbaum

Cody Schnieders


„Wovoka’s musical volleys are both panoramically expansive and crushingly claustrophobic“, LA WEEKLY wrote about these 4 dark souls from the West Coast. Emerging from a near 2-year slumber since debut album “Saros” saw the light of day, WOVOKA are contributing one single 18- minute opus to this album, continuing right where LLNN have left off. With compositions of truly epic proportions which transcend the cliches of heavy music, the band has scorched their position in the Los Angeles underground as one of the most volatile, unrelenting acts in the area.

WOVOKA have understood that true heaviness lies in reduction – reduction of tempo, reduction of a musical idea to its core, to its bleak essence. Lyrically, „Traces“ is transgressing the nature of grief that comes from loss, in a fierce representation of the sheer emotional weight of fear, and the finality of greeting the end of one’s mortal coil.