Lukas Melville

Grégoire Fray
Guitar, Vocals

Stéphane Fedele

Anaïs Elba
Keys, Vocals

Michael Thiel


DELTA is the 4th opus from the collective and follows on from FLEUVE, their latest album released in 2017. Founded by Grégoire Fray in 2008, THOT has gone through several albums, line-up changes, collaborations (Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna, Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe, Belgian artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine, T .Raumschmiere, Catherine Graindorge) and the game-changer pandemic. Then, wrong choices which led to re-record the album, and the death of an agent right when they were starting a fruitful collaboration.

Yet, there is this endless thirst for creation, as well as the refusal to be trapped by an anxiety-ridden society. Or worse, to withdraw into oneself. There’s the need to understand one’s place in the universe, in space-time, in one’s own history and in that of loved ones. 

And finally, the collaboration with the incomparable female singers of the polyphonic choir ‘The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices’ puts DELTA on a borderfree map..

These 10 tracks meander like rivers flowing into the sea, taking on new flavors with each listen. Especially with the use of French (Grégoire’s mother tongue) in the lyrics, As the quantum sum of the Belgian collective’s three previous albums, DELTA revolves around the elusive question of the place of art and love in our existence.

Shaped between Belgium, Bulgaria & Czech Republic, DELTA is a fundamentally organic, uncompromising album featuring a powerful core of musicians who have been active in the project for several years: Juliette Mauduit on vocals, Lukas Melville on drums, Stéphane Fedele on bass and Gil Chevigné on co-composition.

And this time, Grégoire Fray’s distinctive songwriting (guitar, vocals, keyboards, composition) also calls on the singers of “The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices”, as well as the charismatic Czech singer Lenka Dusilova (Czech Music Awards winner). There’s also Anaïs Elba (Sïan Able) on keyboards & backing vocals, and Michael Thiel on percussion, to muscle and stylish the show on stage.



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