Tomas Liljedahl
Guitar, Vocals (ex Breach)

Niklas Quintana
Guitar (ex Breach)

Mattias Hägerstrand

Karl Daniel Lidén
Drums (Vaka)

Robin Staps
Guitar (The Ocean)

From the darkest parts of Northern Sweden, THE OLD WIND blows… raw and cold, just like its origin and heritage. This constellation of 5 is a new project incepted, after years of absence from the live-scene, by Tomas Liljedahl, former vocalist of the legendary BREACH, who must be counted as one of the most visionary and influential bands of the past 2 decades – a band without whom none of all these newer sub-genres of heavy music that have the word „post“ in them, would exist.

Tomas wrote and recorded every instrument on Feast On Your Gone all by himself: „TOW started growing in my mind when I was in need of theraphy. I ́ve had a couple of really dark years, and I needed to project the hard times through something… and I found that writing words and music were the best way to get these demons out of my system“, comments Liljedahl.

Originally incepted as a studio project, Liljedahl soon realized that these rough, abrasive songs needed to be performed live, with a real band. And so he teamed up with his former BREACH band mates Niklas Quintana (guitar) and Kristian Andersson (bass guitar), added drummer Karl Daniel Liden to the lineup and asked Robin Staps of Pelagic Records & The Ocean to join on 3rd guitar. „BREACH was probably THE one most important band for me ever, period. So when Tomas asked me to join his new band, I felt honored of course. The prospect of playing some shows with these guys in the future is very exciting, to say the least“, comments Staps.

Make no mistake about it, Feast On Your Gone is a vile, cold, ugly record. „Lyrically, the album embraces deep and dark primal thoughts and emotions that i have and feel, like hate, possession, addiction, grief, makeing amends with myself… and those thoughts and feelings create images, and these images forge words and sounds“, says Liljedahl.

This album is the first sign of life of a band which consists of old veterans of the European heavy music scene – still, a juvenile band that has not yet played a single live show! “Rehearsals are scheduled for May 2013, and everyone of us is really pumped to get this going”, says Liljedahl.Feast On Your Gone will be released on both CD (digipak) and vinyl formats. The vinyl version comes on clear vinyl and with hand silk-screened cover art; printed on thick 650 gram cardboard that is as rough as the music.

April 2014 will see THE OLD WIND’s first ever live appearances. The band will set out for a 12 dates tour with TERRA TENEBROSA in April, including an appearance at ROADBURN FESTIVAL on April 11th. On this occasion, Pelagic Records is releasing a split 7″ with 1 new track by each band (comes with download coupon). THE OLD WIND will also appear at BEYOND THE REDSHIFT Festival in London, along with AMPLIFIER, GODSEED, AMEN RA and CULT OF LUNA, who are curating the festival.”