Kristian Karlsson


SOARS is the solo project of Kristian Karlsson, known for his work as the synth player in CULT OF LUNA and bass player/vocalist in PG.LOST. Karlsson brings his passion for music to a new level with SOARS, offering a unique platform for his bountiful creative output.

Emerging from a desire to channel an abundance of ideas that didn’t quite fit with his other endeavours, SOARS is the manifestation of Karlsson’s commitment to his art, celebrating each idea and melody too good to discard. This project isn’t a departure, but an expansion of Karlsson’s immense talent and versatility.

SOARS’ debut album, “Enfold”, released in 2021, received significant acclaim in the post-rock world, swiftly selling out its vinyl pressing. The upcoming album, while still under wraps, promises to be a seamless continuation of that journey.

Karlsson’s work as SOARS is a testament to his innate ability to translate his bright spirit into evocative soundscapes. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’re releasing a new single titled “Old & Heavy” soon, promising a glimpse into Karlsson’s captivating musical universe.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming single and more news on the new album, and make sure to hit the link in our bio to pre-save “Old & Heavy“.