Louis Jucker
Bass, Baritone Guitar, Vocals

Luc Hess


K U N Z, also hailing from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is nothing more and nothing less than The Ocean Collective’s current rythm section, consisting of Louis Jucker (bass / baritone guitar / vocals) and Luc Hess (drums).

Both musicians are involved in various projects of the local heavy music scene. K U N Z stands for minimalist instrumentation and song structures, exuberating live-improvisations and the sheer raw energy of good old noise-rock. Louis Jucker’s visceral vocals and dirty power-riffs are complemented and consciously destroyed by Luc Hess’ explosive and explorative drumming – all within songs that rarely last longer than 3 minutes.

The band is known for experimenting with different live set-ups; stacking a ridiculous amount of amps and cab, playing on moving plattforms, in the middle of the room or trapped in cages.



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