RED KUNZ – “Teeth, Hair & Skin” LP



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We surely won’t need to tell you much about RED FANG. John Sherman’s powerful drumming and Aaron Beam’s distinctive vocal tone make this band one of the most exciting rock’n’roll outfits of the present tense… but you may need a quick reminder with regards to who is KUNZ: the drum & bass noise rock duo consists of former THE OCEAN bass player Louis Jucker and former THE OCEAN drummer Luc Hess, currently also in COILGUNS.

RED KUNZ is the marriage of these 2 bands: RED FANG’s Aaron Beam and John Sherman meet KUNZ’ Louis Jucker and Luc Hess. Conceived within a single week in Switzerland, TEETH, HAIR & SKIN displays 20 minutes of raw bass riffing and double-drum battles,shaped into 5 somehow surprisingly catchy rock songs.

PELAGIC RECORDS in association with HUMMUS RECORDS brings you a nicely packaged vinyl and handmade CD version of this rare gem.

To get an idea of what to expect, listen to the full album stream here

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