Louisville, Kentucky-based musician and artist Evan Patterson never planned for JAYE JAYLE to blossom from a stripped-down solo project into the otherworldly, full-band sonic experience that it is today. 

In the beginning, the songs were short and lighthearted, written on acoustic guitar with no intention of performing publicly or even releasing the music. Yet, within a year JAYE JAYLE had released a string of limited-edition seven-inch records and recorded a full-length album, House Cricks, with a complete backing band.

After a North American tour in 2016 with alt-country originators FREAKWATER and then another tour of the States with avant-garde metal band SUMAC, JAYE JAYLE found themselves sharing stages with artists from a plethora of musical genres. Shortly thereafter, JAYE JAYLE toured Europe for the first time and joined EMMA RUTH RUNDLE’s band as full-time members. By the second full-length, No Trail, the band was diving deeper into the abyss of minimalism and experimental art rock while working with David Lynch’s longtime sound engineer Dean Hurley, who produced and mixed the album. 

In 2018 and 2019 Evan performed over 400 shows across North America and Europe, not only with JAYE JAYLE but also fronting his longtime group YOUNG WIDOWS, as well as being the touring and recording guitarist for EMMA RUTH RUNDLE. The constant traveling inspired Evan to compose an entirely electronic album on his phone while on tour, JAYE JAYLE’s third full-length, Prisyn, and work with Ben Chisholm of CHELSEA WOLFE as the album’s producer. 

In 2023, JAYE JAYLE will be back on tour to support their most devastatingly beautiful work to date, their soon-to-be-announced fourth album.



North America: Ethan – Heavy Talent