No one really sounds like Glassing. Notoriously hard-to-classify, the Austin trio, named after a Planes Mistaken for Stars song,  cemented themselves as a pillar of underground heavy music with their 2021 full length, “Twin Dream” (Brutal Panda Records). Owing as much to the Cure as they do to Neurosis or Pg. 99, Glassing followed suit a year later with the assaulting, nightmarish lullaby of an EP, “Dire and Sulk” (Brutal Panda Records, Medication Time Records EU).

Made whole by Cory Brim’s undeniably unique guitar voicing and melodies, Dustin Coffman’s vocal abilities and colossal bass, and more recently adding Scott Osment’s (Deaf Club) precision and fury behind the kit, the group is officially firing on all cylinders. Their spirited live shows have only gotten tighter, and their music somehow more intense.

A loyal fanbase and respectable touring resume already in tact, Glassing hit the road in 2022 sharing the stage with heavy hitters like Chat Pile, Pelican, Cult Leader, City of Caterpillar, Portrayal of Guilt, and Unsane. Coming off a successful 2023 US west coast headline tour, and now with three full length albums, two EPs, and 7 years of touring under their belt, Glassing is set to unveil their most refined, yet unhinged material to date. Expect the best of Glassing to release in early 2024.



US Booking: Janys-Iren Faughn

EU Booking: Federico De Bernardi di Valserra