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Jona Nido

Luc Hess

Louis Jucker
Bass, Vocals


La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. While most people from this small mountain town spend their lives handcrafting complicated mechanisms for luxury watches, COILGUNS have been busy crafting complex mechanisms of their own. Coilguns is guitarist Jona Nido, drummer Luc Hess and bass player / vocalist Louis Jucker, all of who also play in THE OCEAN.

The band was initiated by Jona in December 2010 and began their sonic journey in the studio soon afterwards and with the help of a healthy dose of Mauritian rum, Swiss absinthe and greens. From the haze emerged 3 tracks brutal as a kick in the teeth, raw as a laceration and tight as a Swiss watch.

The 3 tracks on this split CD are merely a first sign of life of this promising new outfit. The band will be on tour throughout Europe in March 2012.


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