LLNN, hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, redefine the term “heavy”. LLNN are something else – but this trailer is intentionally NOT showing you what we mean yet… this trailer showcases the other outstanding (and unexpected) element on LLNN‘s crushing debut album „Loss“: the apocalyptic wave synths, which take you on a journey back in time, back past NEUROSIS” „Souls At Zero“ era, into the 80s.

„Loss“, which was recorded live in the studio, sounds so dense and confident that we were surprised to learn that this is a fairly new band at work here, formed in Copenhagen in 2014 – but the members are veterans in the local hardcore and metal scene, and have played in touring bands for a long time. It is this experience that comes with the awareness that the true power of heaviness lies in simplicity: in reducing a musical idea to its (hard) core, to its essence.

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„Loss“ is available on CD and vinyl formats, including a ltd. edition on brass-coloured wax.

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vinyl: http://pelagic-records.com/?p=8119
CD: http://pelagic-records.com/?p=8118