TWIN DRUGS – “In Now Less Than Ever” LP (Clear Vinyl)


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TWIN DRUGS “In Now Less Than Ever” LP

FFO: Autolux, Pixies, Nothing, MBV, Metz, A Place To Bury Strangers

Release Date: October 7, 2022

1. Ash Candied Cough (3:26)
2. We Want Our Heaven (4:23)
3. World Fell Off (4:08)
4. Fanfare (1:22)
5. Eyelets & Aglets (4:10)
6. Dust Worship (4:50)

7. The Velvet Noise (5:11)
8. Rule 110 (4:46)
9. Sazerac (6:00)
10. The Sun While You Can (7:14)

“Whether it’s shoegaze, dreampop or noise rock, they have come to ruin your party.”
Visions Magazine (DE)

“Such an excellent mix of gaze and noise…”
Everything Is Noise (US)

“A Sonic Youth-ian vision of post-everything noise…”
The Obelisk (US)

“A hallucinatory journey through dream-end…”
Scream Magazine (SE)

“A powerful widescreen sound of their shoegaze variety.”
Legacy Magazine (DE)

“The way the record intertwines and undulates is fascinating, as if you’re staring out on the ocean and losing yourself in the endless waves of sound.”
Two Guys Metal Reviews (UK)

“A three-quarter hour hallucinogenic whirlpool.”
Ox Fanzine (DE)

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