TINY FINGERS – “We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher” (download)


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Tiny Fingers, hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, combine post- rock, live electronics, psychedelic, dub step and math rock into one super-intense and truly unique musical melange. With broken beats, creative use of guitar effects and fat analogue and synthesized bass assaults, they manage to reconcile the rough intensity of rock with the clean ecstasy of electronic music. Despite the players’ quite obvious technical proficiency, their songs always stay refreshingly catchy and musical.

Tiny Fingers are one of the leading forces in the Israeli alternative music scene, and considered the pioneers of the uprising new local psychedelic rock scene. The band has already released 5 albums, and has toured intensively throughout Asia, the US ad Europe in recent years. Now, in April 2016, they are coming back to Europe alongside LONG DISTANCE CALLING. An emerging festival favorite both in their home country and abroad, their live act is a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, which has led them to be handpicked to open for The Mars Volta, Damian Marley, Dub Trio, All Them Witches and many more.

We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher is Tiny Fingers’ fourth release. The album was recorded during a North American tour in 2012. The band had a day off in New York and went for a jam session in the studio. The working method was completely opposite, as compared to the work process of 2012’s album “Megafauna“: at first the band recorded lots of material; bits and pieces, with no particular song structures in mind. Then, the material was edited, remixed, sampled and thereby shaped into new tracks. During their time in New York, the band stayed at Malcolm X Boulevard and found out about him and his activities, and so the band sampled some of his speeches for use on the album. This album shows a looser, lighter, more improvised side of Tiny Fingers, as compared to the intricate and more conceptual works of „Megafauna“ and „The Fall“.