MIZMOR – “Yodh” (Live at Roadburn 2018) 2LP


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While we try not to gloat (too much), we at Roadburn pride ourselves on acting as musical necromancers and hermit whisperers. Bringing acts back from the dead or coaxing elusive artists out of hiding and into the live arena is always a joy for us.

In the case of Oregonian doom artist Mizmor, we feel particularly fortunate. Mizmor’s 2016 release Yodh was a high water mark for American doom in the past few years and the album release show at Migration Fest was the first and only Mizmor show to date. That changes at Roadburn 2018. We are humbled and delighted to announce that Mizmor will be rising from its slumber to perform Yodh live in its entirety for the first time as the sole European date in 2018.

Those who have yet to hear this sprawling, monolithic album should take heed: this is far from your traditional metal act of any sort. With a tendency to rush from breakneck blasting to a hideous lurch, Mizmor leaves few subgenres of extreme metal unexplored in the scope of its all-consuming black/doom/death hybrid, and we know it’s going to level the room when delivered in a live setting.

When asked about the performance, Mizmor’s sole member (on recording, at least) A.L.N. shared, “We are beyond honored to be invited to Roadburn. To us, it’s the most important festival in heavy music. It’s been a dream of Mizmor’s to perform here; like a pipe-dream though… something lofty and hopeful, seemingly unattainable and out of reach. We are eternally grateful for this opportunity.”

We’re not sure if A.L.N. is the one who should be grateful, as the feeling is quite mutual. Expect to find us in the corner of the room with hands over our hearts as the sound swells around us during Mizmor’s set.

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