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This is not a Pelagic release, but we thought you guys might be interested in what your fellow worshippers of doom in Abraham and Coilguns have come up with secretly behind our backs! 40 minutes of new music by those 2 fine Swiss outfits are on display here.

Abraham’s contribution to this split record is one very long and dark track. The bearded quintet, who is currently in the process of writing a new record, delivers one quite experimental track, which once more showcases their own unique approach to low-tuned sludge-metal.

Coilguns are experimenting no less on this split. All three songs are very different, ranging from very low tuned straight hardcore à la Cursed to ambient arpeggios… and even a crazy 70’s rock jam, featuring Pete Adams from Savannah’sheavy rock heroes Baroness, made it onto this split.

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