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Since their debut release “Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death!” 10 years ago, Gothenburg’s post rock veterans EF have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia and have built themselves a loyal global fanbase, including over 23.000 facebook followers. Their music oftentimes dwells in spheres of darkness, but a deep love for melody and harmony always shines through their epic compositions. Dynamic build-ups are carried by heavy rhythms and orchestral arrangements including strings, horns, piano and synthesizers, which eventually disperse into a sonic aurora borealis…

While the band was mostly instrumental on earlier albums, EF have introduced vocals recently, which has opened up the door to new territories for them. The three new songs on this split EP will take the listener on a journey through a wide range of musical genres. EF is not playing safe here – growth and life have given them the courage to look deeper into themselves and to create what needs to be created at this moment in time. 

Tiny Fingers are one of the leading forces in the Israeli alternative music scene, and considered the pioneers of the uprising new local psychedelic rock scene. The band has already released 5 albums, and has toured throughout Asia, the US and Europe in recent years, recently alongside LONG DISTANCE CALLING in April. An emerging festival favorite both in their home country and abroad, their live act is a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, which has led them to be handpicked to open for The Mars Volta, Damian Marley, Dub Trio and All Them Witches.

The 2 tracks on this split EP show a more experimental side of the band, with more of a jam-session appeal to it, as compared to the conceptualized, produced approach of the band’s latest album „The Fall“, which the band has recently performed in its entirety, at sunrise, at the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel. And indeed, these tracks were recorded at Trixx studios in Berlin on a day off on tour in 2013. Bass player Boaz Bentur comments:

We just took the day to jam and chill, and to enjoy the amazing studio we were in. There was a special atmosphere in the studio, and a unique vintage sound that made us play in a different way and explore new territories. These tracks are different from the rest of our stuff, but we love to experiment and evolve all the time“ 

Artwork by Max Löffler.

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