We know you guys are eagerly awaiting your box sets, so here’s an update for you:

The box sets have taken a long time to clear customs, but have finally arrived in Berlin on My 17th. We are currently packing the CD boxes and preparing them for shipping, which will happen between May 27th and May 30th… so you can expect them to arrive very soon!

If you have ordered the vinyl box set, we are sorry to say that these will take a little longer, still. The acrylic layers have been covered on both sides with protective paper, which we had to peel off by hand, in order to be able to print them. This is taking an awful lot of time (500 vinyl box sets > 3.000 layers), as the paper has been laser-cut to the shape of the layers, and does not come off easily. We have been working on this every day this week, with up to 10 people at the same time, armed with hair driers and lots of patience… thanks to all our lovely PELAGIC helpers, we have now peeled off the paper from half of the layers and are expecting to have them all clean and ready to print by early next week.

Then, however, each layer will still need to be screen-printed by hand, re-packed and shipped. We are, realistically, not expecting this to be done before 1st or 2nd week of June, unfortunately. Please be sure that we are doing our best to get you your box sets as soon as physically possible! We hope these pictures give you an idea of the whole situation… in addition to that, some of the larger (vinyl) boxes have been damaged, and we are currently sorting out getting replacements for these from the manufacturing company.

If you do not want to wait and wish to cancel your preorder, we will fully reimburse you. Please email shop@pelagic-records.com. We currently have a waiting list of 80 people who would be keen to get a hand on one , so we really don’t mind.

So not much left to say, except: this has turned into a very difficult, time-consuming and nerve-wrecking project, but we are sure it will be worth it in the end!!! The CD box sets look amazing, check out the pictures.

cheers, and please bear with us…

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