PELAGIC RECORDS to release IMPLORE’s debut album “Depopulation” in September!

It’s a bit hard to pin down where IMPLORE​ are really from. The band members live mainly in Hamburg these days, but lead vocalist and bass player Gabriel Dubko was born in Argentina, and has lived in Barcelona, LA and Hamburg. Heaven Shall Burn​’s Christian Bass played drums for the band, as well as Suffocation​’s Kevin Talley.

The band’s first EP “Black Knell“ was furiously celebrated in the grindcore and crust scene and instantly opened up a lot of doors and touring opportunities for the band, with shows opening for Nails​ and Festivals like Obscene Extreme​ & Fluff​.

„Depopulation“ is the first album of this very young band, that in its less than 2 years of existence has already toured Europe several time, as well as the US and even Mexico. The band recorded with Earthship​’s Jan Oberg at his Hidden Planet studios in Berlin, and Christian Bass from Heaven Shall Burn behind the drumkit once more. The album’s 16 tracks clock in at just under 30 minutes: „Depopulation“ has everything you want a solid grindcore album to have: gnarly riffs, super fast blast beat attacks, harsh, feisty vocals and that particular Swedish guitar tone we all love so much.

Make sure to catch the band live when they come near you, and we promise you that it won’t be long: IMPLORE are already in the process of planning their next European tours. Now listen to the EP “Black Knell” to wetten your appetite for “Depopulation”.

track listing “Depopulation”:

1. Epicyte / Parasite
2. Sentenced
3. Thousand Generations
4. Homo-Consumens
5. Hegelian Dialectic
6. Cadaves On Parade
7. Hoax
8. Anthropocentric Selfishness
9. Iscariote
10. Neo Luddite
11. Ruthless Conspiracy
12. Bohemian Grove
13. Intrincated Scapegoat
14. Inexorable Malignancy