PELAGIC RECORDS to release EARTHSHIP’s debut CD “Exit Eden” January 24th, 2011

EARTHSHIP surge ahead like a nuclear-powered icebreaker through the Barents Sea, laden with mighty riffs, tons of groove and home-brewn whiskey.

EARTHSHIP was launched by former THE OCEAN drummer Jan Oberg this year and his colleagues Dennis Boettcher on drums and Bastian Gutschke on bass guitar. THE OCEAN mainman Robin Staps joined the band on second guitars shortly afterwards. “I have not been involved in the songwriting at all though, it is entirely Jan’s creative work”, comments Staps.

The band is a newborn baby that came to life in the spring of 2010 after a long drinking night in Berlin: “Jan has been my neighbour for years here in Berlin, we’ve known each other for ages and had our first band together more than 12 years ago… we grew up going to shows and playing music together. Jan is a very skilled songwriter and I was always into his stuff, so when he asked me to join his band I agreed right away”, comments Staps.

The band played their first ever show supporting TORCHE in Berlin on December 2nd.

“Exit Eden” is the debut release by this new Berlin-based behemoth, recorded by captain Oberg himself at his own Hidden Planet Studios. It is the grim, ugly soundtrack to a rough and dangerous passage through dark, icy waters. Board the Earthship for a ride through the vast black sea of doom, metal and prog n’roll.


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