PELAGIC RECORDS to release ABRAHAM’s debut CD “An Eye On The Universe”

ABRAHAM create a barren aural landscape where grand rock faces of guitars loom large over occasional restrained moments of calm sublimity and haunting beauty. Abrasiveness is the word here: ABRAHAM will wash over you like a sudden cloudburst in the desert and make you feel like jagged rock exposed to the elements. Whoeever loves CULT OF LUNA’s “The Beyond” -album most: raise the torches, this is for you!

ABRAHAM was formed under the name “Le Baron Vampire” in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007 by KRUGER guitar player Jacques Vierdaz and a few mates from uni. The band later changed their name to ABRAHAM and has played lots of shows since with bands such as Celane, Knut, Kruger, Mumakil and many others.

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