We’re happy to announce the signing of Southern California’s rising underground alternative rock band SILVER SNAKES. The band could already be seen in Europe supporting Pianos Become The Teeth last year, and the band will be supporting Coheed An Cambria and Glassjaw in February / March 2015, in the US. Their new, 3rd full length album “Saboteur” is due for a February 2016 release through Pelagic Records in Europe.

SILVER SNAKES are premiering the first track off “Saboteur” today through Brooklyn Vegan. The preorder for “Saboteur” on vinyl” and “Saboteur on CD” is already up.

Following the success their sophomore record, Year of the Snake, Los Angeles’ Silver Snakes forges down a darker path with radical turns on their forthcoming record Saboteur. The band, comprised of Alex Estrada (vocals), Mike Trujillo (bass), Jeremiah Bignell (guitar) and Garrett Harney (drums), continues their evolution of sound by incorporating influences of ‘90’s industrial and elements of doom metal into their post-hardcore sound. The result is cathartic and innovative. Heavy, stabbing riffs crescendo into massive walls of guitars that give way to atmospheric and at times ethereal moments of calm that relay underlying messages of sabotage and deception.

Saboteur is a record summed up by its title. It’s about sabotage, it’s about using direct action to accomplish a goal,” Estrada explains. “It can be applied to many situations: Personal, Political etc. It’s about having the passion to do absolutely whatever it takes to make a point even if it’s potentially harmful.”

Thematic elements of sabotage are felt throughout the record and relatable to listeners, including on their new song “Raindance,” which speaks to the manipulation in relationships.

“”Raindance” was one of the first songs written for the record,” Estrada says. “It’s the follow up track to a song we previously released called “Sundance” which was about being caught up in abusive relationships. “Raindance” is about taking the plunge into new endeavors only to have voices from the past show up to steer you elsewhere. It’s the balance between sides, the person being torn down and the voice of negativity all speaking at once.”

Silver Snakes’ impending release also marks the beginning of their relationship with Coheed and Cambria guitarist/singer Claudio Sanchez’s label Evil Ink Records, who recently signed the band for the US, while Pelagic Records is taking care of Europe.

“We are really happy to be working with Pelagic Records for the release of ‘Saboteur'”, Estrada comments. “They have released records by some bands that have been highly influential on us over the years including Cult Of Luna and The Ocean Collective. The label has a strong work ethic and attention to detail and we are very excited to see what the future holds.”

Stay tuned for “Saboteur” and follow the band at for additional updates.