Pelagic Records sign FAZI and release “Folding Story” LP

Pelagic Records sign FAZI and release “Folding Story” LP


New signing & release alert!

Immediately around the corner in January is the release of ‘Folding Story’, an album by Chinese post-punk band FAZI that might seem a bit out of the box for us, but it’s just such an amazing record that we couldn’t resist.

With five immersive full-length records and a brief stint on peak-time commercial TV already establishing the four-piece at the forefront of a truly pioneering wave of alternative music in China, the European re-release of their latest offering, ‘Folding Story’, represents an incredible new beginning for a band who have already spent years honing their craft – transforming timeless traditions of love, life and death into a perpetual dance of frenetic, krautrock energy and sprawling, shoegaze panoramas.

Get ready for January 26, when ‘Folding Story’ sees its physical vinyl re-release via Pelagic Records.
Pre-orders are now live here:


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