COILGUNS to release debut album “Commuters” in February

Swiss trio Coilguns are set to release their debut album “Commuters” on February 22nd (GAS) and February 25th (rest of Europe). CD and LP with silk-screened cover artwork are available now for preorder, check the shop page!

“Commuters” was entirely recorded live, every song in one take. The incorporation of synths and more guitar and bass loops has added more depth to their original punky yet heavy sound. Some tracks on the album are featuring up to 5 guitar players at the same time. No overdubs or edits have been made on this record except for the vocals.

Coilguns have been pushing their boundaries to find a unique and most certainly odd sound, and by simplifying their songwriting, they’ve intensified and emphasized their heavyness.

Here’s a video trailer:

The band will be on tour in February to support the release. Here’s the facebook events page: