Chinese leading experimental post-rock band WANG WEN to release their 9th (!) studio album on September 30!

“Sweet Home, Go!” sees WANG WEN surpassing themselves, continuing their 17- year long journey to understand themelves and the outside world through their music. This ambitious journey has brought them tremendous success in their home country China, where the band has been selling out +1000-capacity venues across country on their recent tour.

The packaging of “Sweet Home, Go!” is spectacular: 2 different inner sleeves (printed both on the inside and outside) are showing through the square cutout in the outer box sleeve, printed on a special kind of fabric paper – creating a total of 4 different front cover impressions, depending on which sleeve and which side is up. An additional 30×30 cm 12-pages art book comes with the vinyl version.

This kind of attention to detail is indicative of a band that take outstanding care not only about their music, but also about the visual and haptic aspects of their art… learn more about this extraordinary band and their new album in the documentary below

preorder now:  2xLP (box)  °°° CD (special slipcase)