Frédéric Hug

Frederyk Rotter
Guitar, Vocals

Lucas Löw
Bass, Vocals

Matthieu Hardouin
Guitar, Vocals

Zatokrev, hailing from Basel in Switzerland, was founded by Silvio Spadino (drums), Marco Grementieri (bass/samples) and Frederyk Rotter (guitar/vocals) in April 2002 to deliver a heavy load of dragging metal.

In 2003 they recorded a demo and started playing gigs. Through strong live performances they built up a reputation as an intense live band.

After they recorded the self-­titled debut album in their own rehearsal room, Zatokrev got a release through the UK label Codebreaker in September 2004 and got only positive reviews in music magazines around the whole  of Europe. Later the album came out in North America and Canada through Earache Records, where it also got excellent reviews.

In March 2007 the second long-­player was released by Firebox Records and especially for Switzerland by Frederyk’s label Czar Of Crickets. Also this album got excellent reviews all over the world.

End of 2007 a Split EP VANCOUVER/ZATOKREV and the vinyl edition of Bury the Ashes (including a bonus track) has been released through Get a Life! Records.

In this period of time the band played festivals, tours and single shows in Europe. Since then Zatokrev had many replacements of band members. Finally in 2011 a new fixed line-­up has been completed and the band is ready to tour again.

Zatokrev recorded a new full-­length album with Serge Morattel at the Rec Studio in Geneva, where many    great albums from bands like Knut, Shora or Impure Wilhelmina have been produced already. The album called “The Bat, The Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere” has been mixed, mastered and co-­produced by Raphaël Bovey, also known as drummer from the band Kruger, to give it the final punch. Zatokrev have developed their music further through past years. The new album contains elements from Sludge, Stoner, Black Metal, Prog-­Metal, Doom, Psychedelic Rock, Post-­Hardcore and shows more dynamics in song writing, instrumentation and a stronger variety of vocals.

Since August 2012 the latest album -­ “The Bat, The Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere” is out worldwide on CD through Candlelight Records, who called Zatokrev „one of the most forward-­thinking and crushing bands in extreme music at the moment“.

In July Pelagic Records is going to release the double LP of „The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere“ including a bonus track. -­ Clear vinyl limited to 300 pieces


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