Renzo Tornado Especial
Moog, Noise, Sphere

Thor Ohe
Guitar, Axe-Fx, Bass Cabs

Baritone-Guitar, Ebow, Analogue Delay


TWINESUNS is sheer heaviness, defined by the complete absence of drums. With two guitars, moog synthesizers and a ton of different amplifiers, cabinets and pedals, the band has quickly developed their own unique take on the drone / doom / ambient genre, sucking the listener into the band’s dark cosmos with 2014’s ferocious debut album „The Leaving“, followed by 2015’s EP „A Blackened Planet“, both now nearly sold out.

Music without drums can be quite difficult to grasp for those who are not devoted fans of the genre – and even for those who pretend to be, because it’s very fucking cool to worship Sunn O))) these days… but TWINESUNS demonstrate that drums are sometimes overrated. „The Empire Never Ended“ is a collection of strong musical ideas without drums, delivered in a crushingly heavy yet

surprisingly clear sound. Yes, you have to be willing to let yourself in for a sonic journey, in order to appreciate the spooky, lengthy compositions.

But each track has a remarkable theme, if you don’t want to call it ‘hookline’, and the seemless transitions between the individual tracks will make you find yourself completely losing track of time while listening to this 80-minutes beast of an album.

During the recording session of the debut album, vocalist Renzo from Swiss post-metal veterans ABRAHAM joined the band as a guest musician to add moog synthesizers. Now a regular member of the band, Renzo developed the idea for this album, based on the Valis trilogy by Philip K. Dick. The record is split up into three parts, each representing a phase in the stage of Dick’s mind: madness, the contact with God and the endless search for truth. The end results is a vivid synopsis of the three musician’s individual perceptions of these concepts.

„The Empire Never Ended“ was recorded live, to keep the band-spirit and inter-personal behaviour as a main impact on the final outcome. The fact that the album was recorded nearly at live volume contributed to the crushing heaviness and the relentless TONE of the album. Most certainly, a lot of air has been moved around by the low frequencies that shape this album, which was mixed and mastered by KRUGER’s Raph Bovey.


Album Promotion

World: Magnus, Creative Eclipse PR