Cult of Luna

After 5 years of absence from the live scene, CULT OF LUNA returned strong in 2013, with a new album and an EP, Vertikal and Vertikal II, inspired by Fritz Lang’s science fiction classic Metropolis.

The Eternal Music is the music-only part of audio book / DVD Eviga Riket, which was originally released independently by the band in 2010. Eviga Riket continues the story of Holger Nilsson, who lived in the 1920s and who first lost his family and then his mind. This story was already at the core of 2008’s studio album Eternal Kingdom.

While the DVD that came with the book was oscillating between text readings and music, the vinyl release of The Eternal Music is excluding the readings, and emphasizing the music – laden with sadness and melancholy, these rather quiet tunes are closer to soundtrack-music then to the band’s usual sonic realms. While Eviga Riket was without doubt a fascinating, listening to the music in one go, without interrupting text readings, is a new and entirely different experience.

The Eternal Music will be released as a 12″ vinyl record, along with silk-screened cover art, printed in metallic inks on thick 500 gsm cardboard. The artwork consists of new illustrations that have not been used in the original audio book.


Booking Enquiries

Europe / UK: Northern Music, Haydn Britland

North America: Circle Talent Agency, Dan Rozenblum


ORA, Alexis Sevenir

Label / Promotion

Indie Recordings, Harald Nilsen


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