ZEMENT “Rohstoff” LP (Orange Vinyl)


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ZEMENT “Rohstoff” LP (2nd Pressing)

Release Date: April 29, 2022

FFO: Föllakzoid, Maserati, Trans Am, Beak>

1. Goa (6:23)
2. Soil (3:23)
3. Seine (9:41)
4. Kleiner 3 (4:46)

5. Zunder (2:38)
6. Entzücken (10:53)
7. Ecke 54 (2:51)
8. Atem (6:46)

The German Neo-Kraut/Psychedelic duo return with their third LP sounding better and more focused than before! Combining the wonder of the autobahn with intelligent nods to techno and free jazz, Rohstoff constitutes an endless meditation on the architecture of mind and the movement of bodies.

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