WOVENHAND Boxset – “Early Wovenhand” 4LP


This is a Glitterhouse Records release!



Wovenhand boxset “Early Wovenhand” comprising of 4 LPs (+download codes for each album), containing the first three albums by Wovenhand. Two of them long time out of print and one for the first time ever on vinyl. Carefully mastered for your listening pleasure, coming with a gatefold with a reprint of the bands first tourposter. Strictly limited to 1.000 copies! Listen to Wovenhand here!

About 17 years ago Wovenhand showed its first sign of life with their debut album ‘Woven Hand’. In 2003 David Eugene Edwards and his band released the highly praised follow up ‘Blush Music’ on Glitterhouse Records: “Blush Music is a transcendent call-and-response between a man and the variegated joy he’s unearthed within the layers of his faith” Pitchfork wrote about this masterpiece of an album. 2004 saw the release of ‘Consider The Birds’, according to Uncut Magazine a “masterstroke of creeping gothic”. Over the last two decades, Edwards’ prolific work in both bands 16 Horsepower and Wovenhand has influenced and inspired a generation of musicians and fans. Wovenhand cannot be described in traditional terms. Their sound is a sweeping tapestry of gothic Americana, neo-folk and alternative country.

Wovenhand boxset “Early Wovenhand” is released by Glitterhouse Records. The track lists can be found below:

Woven Hand
The Good Hand
My Russia
Blue Pail Fever
Glass Eye
Wooden Brother
Ain’t No Sunshine
Story And Pictures
Your Russia
Last Fist

Blush Music

Cripplegate (Standing On Glass)
Animalitos (Aint No Sunshine)
White Bird
Snake Bite
My Russia (Standing On Hands)
The Way
Aeolian Harp (Under The World)
Your Russia (Without Hands)
Another White Bird
Story And Pictures

Consider The Birds
Sparrow Falls
Bleary Eyed Duty
To Make A Ring
Off The Cuff
Chest Of Drawers
Oil On Panel
The Speaking Hands
Down In Yon Forest
Tin Finger
Into The Piano

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