Vinyl Flat Rate (Monthly)

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PELAGIC RECORDS has now reached a stage where we are releasing more than one record a month continuously. In 2017 an 2018, we have released 32 records altogether, 16 per year… it’s about time we offer our loyal followers an easy and affordable way to keep up with our busy release schedule, and enjoy a lot of cool bonuses, extras and access to special limited items.

What’s in it for you?

Becoming a subscriber gets you all our new releases in digital or vinyl format, plus access to an exclusive members’ section where we will be selling rare stuff from the past which won’t ever be available (again) anywhere else. It guarantees that you won’t be missing out on the most limited editions of our upcoming releases, and gives you a chance to purchase stuff you may have missed in the past. 

Plus, it’s a great chance to get to know some of our bands that you wouldn’t have necessarily listened to before!

What’s in it for us?

By becoming a subscriber, you directly help us fund future releases, continue to grow as a label and potentially expand our roster.

For 39€ per month, you get:
  • ALL new Pelagic Records releases in an exclusive and spectacular subscribers-only colour variant
    • You will get every new release on vinyl that’s not a repress. The MINIMUM you will get is 12 new PELAGIC RECORDS releases per year, no matter if single or double LPs. If we happen to release less than 12 records a year (not likely), we will provide substitute catalogue albums so that at any rate, you will always get a minimum pf 12 PELAGIC records per year —  likely significantly more.
    • Excluded are only boxsets and special releases such as 3x or 4x LPs
  • 3 catalogue vinyl releases as a welcome gift along with your first parcel!
  • One Pelagic Records Logo T-Shirt as a welcome gift
  • Downloads of new releases 48 hours before release date
  • 10% discount on all merchandise items that are available at our shop (excl. Kadavar merch)
  • Access to MEMBERSHIP section where test pressings and long sold-out past releases will be available for purchase:
    • Test pressings of past and future releases
    • PELAGIC catalogue releases in limited colour variants that are no longer available in the main shop
    • Exclusive merch items, etc.

Your subscription will always renew on the 6th of every month, regardless of date you initially subscribed. So if you subscribe on March 3rd, your renewal will be on April 6th. If you subsribe on March 22nd, your renewal will also be on April 6th. In both cases, you will reeceive both the March and the April subscription items.


We are shipping monthly subscriptions mid month, and bi-monthly subscriptions mid month of every even month (February, April, June, August, etc.). You will always be getting the subscription items of the month you are subscribing in.

Examples – monthly:
• If you subscribe for monthly on the 10th of March, your first delivery will ship mid March, and will include the March subscription items – easy.
• If you subscribe for monthly on the 20th of March, your first delivery will ship mid April, and will include the March and April subscription items combined – easy.

Please respect that in order to allow us to keep this offer sustainable and fair as well as being able to plan ahead, our subscription models have a minimum duration of 12 months.

In the rare case that a limited coloured vinyl edition may sell out by regular preorder between preorder start date and end of the month, resulting in us not having enough of this colour variant to offer to our subscribers, we will send you another limited coloured LP of the same release. We are setting a certain amount of the most limited colour variant of each LP release aside for our subscribers at the beginning of the month, but since the numbers of subscribers is changing every day, leftover copies will be sold through our regular shop.

Adding extra items:
Please note that in order to keep this subscription affordable for you and feasible for us we can not allow you to add any extra items to your subscription shipments. If you would like to order anything else (and use your 10% discount) you will need to place these orders via and they will ship to you separate from your subscription parcels.

Shipment Plans:
We offer 2 different shipment plans, monthly and bi-monthly and for each of these plans Insured (FedEx) and Uninsured (Small Parcel).

  • If you choose Uninsured Shipping (Small Parcel) the annual cost for the monthly subscription is only marginally more expensive than the bi-monthly subscription.
    So if you go uninsured: Choose monthly!
  • If you choose Insured Shipping (FedEx) the annual cost for the monthly subscription is twice as high as the bi-monthly subscription.
    So if you go insured: Choose bi-monthly!
  • FedEx guarantees worldwide runtimes between 2-5 days. Uninsured parcels usually take between 7 (Europe) and 20 (World) days, depending on where you live.
  • Note: uninsured means uninsured! 99% of parcels do arrive without any issues, but we do not take responsibility for any lost parcels, and there are no tracking numbers!

Membership Section:
We will put rare items up in the membership section occasionally when they pop up in the warehouse, or when we get returns, etc. These will be very limited quantities and quickly gone. Check back frequently, and please do not expect to always see items for sale here. The 10% shop discount does not apply to any exclusive items in the membership section.

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