THE OCEAN – “The Grand Inquisitor” part IV (10″ vinyl EP)


artwork by Carl Whitbread


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After the 1st pressing of The Ocean’s „The Grand Inquisitor“ Ten Inch sold out within 72 hours of starting the preorder (in March), here is round 2!

THE GRAND INQUISITOR is a 10″ vinyl E.P. featuring the 3 “Grand Inquisitor” – tracks off The Ocean’s latest album “Anthropocentric”, as well as the 4th, previously unreleased chapter entitled “The Grand Inquisitor IV – Exclusion From Redemption”. This 7-minutes track is thematically completing the “Grand Inquisitor” – series, which makes reference to the chapter of the same title in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamasov.

The 10“ comes with 4 different silk-screened covers – one for each Grand-Inquisitor chapter. While Dawid Piprek and Chris Smith (the cover artists of the first pressing) visualized the first 2 chapters, Chrisitan Brix and Carl Whitbread focus on the 3rd and the 4th chapter.Carl Whitbread from Sydney, Australia has visualized the lyrics to “The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption” in an old etching style. The front cover shows the Grand Inquisitor himself with his hands holding and protecting a sphere with people dancing, which represents the Inquisitor’s vision of his protection of humanity by taking away their freedom, therefore keeping them happy and ignorant. On the back, is Jesus. The same sphere appears in between his hands, but this time contains an image of people in a fire, representing  the Inquisitor’s vision of what Jesus has done to humanity by allowing freedom.

  • silk-screened by hand onto 650 g (!) heavy natural cardboard.
  • solid white / transparent red colour-split vinyl.
  • This second pressing completes the series of the 4 chapters of The Grand Inquisitor. There will not be a 3rd pressing. This pressing is strictly limited to 250 copies of each version!
  • Comes with download coupon.

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