PELAGIC RECORDS – “In The Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth” 2CD



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This 180 minutes compilation showcases (almost) our entire roster and includes bands such as MONO, pg.lost, sleepmakeswaves, Klone, Wang Wen (惘闻), Ef, Labirinto, Khoma, Hypno5e, Tiny Fingers, Earth Ship, Abraham, Lo!, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, The Old Wind, LLNN, HYENAS, Implore, Kruger, Dioramic, Coilguns and more.
New exclusive tracks by The Ocean Collective and new signing Spook the Horses, as well as a previously digitally unreleased track by Cult of Luna round off this fine compilation, which is set for a September 29 release.
While the compilation’s first disc, „In The Twilight…“, focuses on the more calm, post-rock oriented side of the label, the second disc, „… These Rocks Have Teeth“ dives deep down into the realm of dark heavy music that we have released since 2009. We took great care of making this compilation a very cool and listenable playlist, so come check it out!
Available on 2xCD with artwork by Max Löffler. We have a bunch of cool new merch and bundles available at the link below too:

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