GALVANO – “Trail Of The Serpent” LP

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From the deepest, nastiest recesses of Gothenburg comes crushing Swedish sludge duo Galvano. Now comprising Mattias Noojd (guitars/vocals) and Fredrik Kall (drums), Galvano originally started out as a three- piece in 2005.

Galvano embarked on their first mini tour in 2010, and that same year the band went into the studio and recorded the epic single „The Librarian“, which was mixed and mastered by the legendary Billy Anderson (Orange Goblin, Cathedral, Eyehategod). The 10“ release was followed up by a full European tour, after which the band said goodbye to their fourth bass player and decided to move on as a duo, once and for all.

Early in 2012, they released their debut full-length album „Two Titans“, which was very well received by both fans and media. In January 2015, Galvano signed with Pelagic Records and Candlelight Records to release their 2nd full-length album, „Trail Of The Serpent“: 4 heavy-hitting tracks full of of epic riffing and tantalizing drumming, each of them reaching and stretching past the 10-minutes mark. But you will not find the slow, surging buildups that have become so typical in today’s post- genres, in Galvano’s lengthy compositions: this album is a refreshingly diversified ode to the power of the riff… a record that will inevtiably make you move, and what better could guitar music do to you?

3mm spine jacket, single vinyl, printed inner sleeves with special colors.

ltd. edition of 250 copies on golden wax with black haze. These are gonna look sick!

Expected shipping date: 1st week of July

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