AUA “The Damaged Organ” LP (Blue/White Vinyl)


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AUA “The Damaged Organ” LP (2nd Pressing)

Release Date: September 30, 2022

AUA’s second album, “The Damaged Organ”, explores in depth the concept of alienation. While the duo’s songs approach this topic with introspection (‘I am a stranger to body’) as well as a sociological perspective (‘I am alien to this world’), to a certain extent the album is also a story of a search for identity: ‘Who am I and how do I fit into this world?’ Musically, this is reflected in a space that seems more boundless than AUA’s 2020 debut, “I Don’t Want It Darker”. New possibilities open up. There is more at stake.

1. No One Famous Ever Came from Here (2:23)
2. Post Human Blossom (2:49)
3. Malformed (3:43)
4. Brick Break (3:47)
5. Islands Song feat. Anika (4:12)

6. Buffout (3:51)
7. Death In Space (3:10)
8. Wrong Address (1:57)
9. Inferior (Glowing One, Pt.2) (4:09)

“Imagine Radiohead if they weren’t weighed down with all that baggage. An impressively alienated half hour.“
Electronic Sound (UK)

“AUA have found their way and it’s more atmospheric than ever.”

“There’s a lot to find here, especially if you’re a filmmaker searching for the right soundtrack to your sci-fi love story.”
Overblown (UK)

“There is something weirdly nostalgic about the band’s tunes and I can’t figure out what it is.”
Everything is Noise (US)

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