ÅRABROT – “The Årabrot Skull” – Auction

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This is a skull, of an unknown animal who died an unknown death. Found in the Swedish woods around the Djura Missionshus, a.k.a. the Church Of Årabrot. Cleaned and conserved by local farmers, signed by Årabrot, whose tall man Kjetil Nernes comments:

“We have found much inspiration from the vast forests surrounding us here in our church and while taking trips among the trees we do from time to time stumble upon dead birds rent to shreds in a pile of feathers or skulls and bones from animals long dead. Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a collection of skulls -moose, horse, cattle.

Some of them with a bullet hole, the local farmers must have thrown them away at some point many years ago. They all show signs of having been part of nature for a long time. Sometimes it would take us hours to dig them out of the moss. Others were found placed on rocks as if they died on an altar in a secret ritual. You can see the skulls placed in a magical circle on our new album cover for Norwegian Gothic and even on the gatefold. It is inspired by an old medieval book on occultism and sorcery. You will also see the same skulls in the music videos for “Kinks Of The Heart” and “Hailstones For Rain”. By the end of the latter the preacherman reveals his occult side and the secret symbols on his body is the same as on the skulls.”