ABRAHAM – “An Eye On The Universe” (download)


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“a hugely promising debut that is a forcefully atmospheric blend of thick, weighty riffs, dreamy ambient soundscapes and desolate noise (…) There’s a wealth of moods and styles that are subtly woven into Abraham’s fabric and exploited in the most effective of ways.” – Terrorizer

“Powerful, atmospheric, dark, meditative, angry, forceful” – Visions, 9/12

“brick-heavy riffs meet a mighty but at all times delicate rhythmic base, flanked by psychedelic guitar lines and desperate vocals that at numerous moments are also delivered in a clean way… a husky debut.” – Rock Hard, 8/10

“This is so intense that it almost hurts physically. ABRAHAM devour their listeners and suck them down in their maelstrom of hatred and desperation” – Metal Hammer, 5/7

“ABRAHAM create a challenging, holistic post-sound in the truest and best sense of the word” – Legacy, 12/15

“Since Samael and Celtic Frost, the end of all times has not been sung about in a more charming way” – Intro