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Do We Really Stop Discovering New Music At 30?

As we reach 30 and we are busy juggling our careers, hectic work schedules and personal life, we tend to stop listening to new music. At least this is what the latest Deezer research claims. Do you agree with the theory? Let’s find out more about the reasons why this might happen and how it can affect our lives.

Music Has The Power To Relax Uslisten to new music

The fact that music has an amazing effect on our state of mind, emotions and physical well-being in no longer a secret. Even if you haven’t read the studies, you must have personally experienced the feel-good flow that inundates your body every time you listen to your favorite songs.

Fast tempo music has been proven to make us focus better and be more alert. Upbeat sounds bring more positivity in our life and make us feel more optimistic, while slower-paced tunes can help us draw the curtains on all the stress and give us the serenity and stress-relieving power we need. It would appear that songs that have one beat per second can synchronize the brain with these beats and trigger alpha brainwaves responsible for our state of relaxation.

According to a Stanford University press release from 2006, people who listen to music can alter the functions in their brain “to the same extent as medication”.

…So Why Do We Stop Discovering New Music After 30 (And A Half)?

The Deezer research was completed on 1,000 Brits and it focused on their preferences and habits in terms of the music they listen to. Sixty percent of them stated they have been listening to the same music on repeat for years, while twenty-five percent claimed they would not be willing to listen to fresh songs that do not belong to the genres they usually listen to.

The same study claims that the age of 24 would be the peak age for finding new music when three-quarters of the people interviewed by Deezer researchers claimed to play at least ten new songs on a weekly basis. People over the age of 24 seem to have a harder time discovering new artists or accepting new music in their lives. Why is this happening?

  • their jobs prevent them from listening to music as often as they would like to;

  • they cannot decide on a new genre or artist because of the overwhelming choices out there;

  • they need to take care of their children

Reaching 30 also seems to send music lovers into a state of so-called music paralysis, as they tend to become unable to listen to fresh tunes. By the time they reach 33, these people are even less likely to listen to new songs.

Music Nostalgia And Smart Solutions

Lots of people tend to express their nostalgia and melancholy through music, hence the reason why they keep putting the same songs or albums on repeat over and over again. So it’s not all a matter of lack of time to discover new songs, but rather an effect of the state of musical nostalgia most of us fall into. Whether we associate a certain sound or album to a successful or happy time in our life when we won a big progressive jackpot playing slots online or we tie it to college years, the effects are the same.

If you feel like you could use some fresh artists in your life but you cannot find the time to sit down and try out new songs, here are some efficient solutions:

  • Listen to music while playing games. Whether you are obsessed with video games or you like to get lost in endless hours of slots, bingo or poker online, you can always squeeze in some fresh hits in the backgrounds. You can read some top online poker game reviews and discover new music genres in a more relaxed state of mind. Some music can send you into a more mindful state, so you could profit from it and be more focused or improve your overall gameplay.

  • Use music apps on your smartphone and take new music on the go. If you need to commute to work every day using the subway, a train, bus or your personal vehicle, take advantage of the endless songs you can stream on your phone via loads of free music apps.

  • Mix and relax. Use your earphones/headphones and listen to new artists while reading a book, cooking or jogging. It’s always nice to have a pleasant background accompanying you throughout the day, so why not do it?


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