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A Study On How Musical Tastes Change Over Life Time

We all are surrounded by music, songs, lullabies and a variety of melodies and pieces of all genres. Since our first days in this world, we learn to distinguish good sounds from bad sounds and with time we come to build our own personal tastes in music. Childhood is actually the best time where many people learn to play an instrument or take singing lessons.

During the next life steps, however, our musical tastes come to change in a significant way. According to this scientific study, each single life step is accompanied by different musical tastes that follow our life changes and growth.

teens and rock musicPlaying Rock Music Like A Teen

Think about teens who play homemade rock music in a garage: they express something that children would rarely express the same way. Similarly, seniors would never play that kind of music with the same fervor as a group of teens!

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At some point, even teens will grow up and become adults and that's a critical phase in their musical tastes as they will gradually come to change preferences. Do you need an example? Think about popular rock bands: as the band components were all very young they used to play hard rock music, but after a decade or so they came to produce less aggressive music, making their rock music sound almost closely like pop music.

Life Stages And Their Musical Changes

We might outline the most significant life stages along with the music trends that seem to emerge in each stage. So, we have the following table:

  • Childhoodlullaby for babies
    Sweet and melodic songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes with easy and soft words. It's easy, pleasant and nice music to listen to and to sing along even for very small children who can't speak very well.

  • Teenage
    The explosion of hormones seems to reflect in musical tastes that include certain energy, like rock music or pop music. The self-perception changes during this life stage and it finds an ideal correspondence in solid sound with strong messages that often create or express the existing contrasts of life. Although many people start to play an instrument as a child, it's during adolescence that we all come to a defined sense of music that won't change that much over life.

  • Adult age
    As the age of contrast passes, we become young adults. It's the life where we experience first love and we move our first steps into the job environment. We tend to look for stability, we work to settle down and we tend to prefer music genres that put love and family center stage. Life goals need to find an exact correspondence in music sounds.

  • Senior age
    We need to keep the memory of the past events, people whom we met and then let go. So, our music tastes are more oriented to nostalgic feelings that remind us of the past and give us serenity for the present time.

Music is actually the mirror or our soul – from the musical taste, you can know who the person really is.



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