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4 Top Methods That Really Work To Promote Your Music Yourself

So you’ve come to the greatest decision of your life: you want to promote your music all by yourself. For many people, it might sound a little effort-demanding, but if you are really determined to go ahead with your music venture, that’s a sign that you already have full self-confidence and awareness of what you will go through.

Let’s Get It Started Now!

It’s possibly one of the strongest and sweetest dreams for thousands of talented people, yet it’s a dream that not everyone can make come true. Breaking into the music industry is not that easy unless you are very lucky or you have someone who can sponsor you. It’s been estimated that a high number of young artists give it up after some time because standing out in such an industry is really very hard and expensive at some point.

No matter what they may tell you – you seem to be more than prepared to face each new trouble and obstacle. So, it’s really worth to give it a try, at least you won’t regret it one day.

playing music in a garageThe Best Place Where To Practice

What you need is to set up a series of songs to perform, either you are a single artist or you sing/play in a band. You can write your song lyrics yourself or get help from other people, that’s your choice. Once you get at least a couple of good songs to sing, you have to train and practice singing as often as you can. Many young artists choose to sing their pieces in their home’s garage – that’s actually an excellent place because you won’t have to pay money for it and people will hardly hear any noise and voices from outside.

If you want to do a smart thing, consider creating a sound-proofed environment in your home’s garage. You may want to contact qualified local technicians to get the job done in no time, you may also need quality flooring service to improve the garage floor and have it upgraded with new materials. If you start your career as a singer in a serious way, sooner or later you may need to create the perfect environment for your activity.

Go Independent!

Another common feature of many young artists is the desire to go independent. For many people, that’s a lot of risks to take as you will be almost completely alone. But for seriously determined young artists the risk is worth the efforts. Let’s consider an important aspect: today’s young artists have way more opportunities than in the past times as they can get started with even a limited budget. You don’t have to invest big amounts of money to succeed, what you need is to gather the best resources and use them the smartest way ever possible.

In order to help you out getting started as an independent young artist, we’ve prepared the following overview about the most relevant aspects and methods to break into today’s music industry:

  1. Go out and play livecreate a website
    You need to build your visibility among people, so catch the chance to go out and sing as often as possible. Your goal is to make an impact and live performances are the best opportunity for you. Build your local following first and go ahead on the road then.
  2. Create a website
    Today websites are the most effective tools to reach people and to allow people to reach you at the same time. Open your own blog or website and post everything about your activity and coming soon concerts. Create a mailing list so your fans can receive your news and include links to videos of your performances, write something about your life, interests and who you are.
  3. Get your songs into playlists
    Streaming and playlists are excellent to grow your popularity, so get your tracks playlisted on the web’s most relevant platforms for music. You will gain credibility while getting a good reputation among your fans.
  4. Create music videos
    If you can create an amazing video, you will achieve a great impact on your followers. Make sure that you can get help from someone expert in video making (don’t trust people who haven’t a specific background and education in video making and photography). Invest in HD video quality, obviously.

Last but not least, don’t let the hardest times discourage your will to be a successful singer.



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