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4 Home Recording Essentials To Get Started With Music Production

If you are seriously in love with music, you don't surely want to limit yourself to simply sing a song while having a shower. You obviously want more and, you know, you can do more. That's what makes fervent music lovers get started with their own songs or covers of popular soundtracks, songs, and classical music pieces.

Music is actually a rich environment to explore at any age and at any stage of life – no matter what specific genre you are focusing on, music will always offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a new experience, either you love to sing or to play an instrument.

Make Your DIY Home Recording Studio!

Well, yeah, music is attractive and important but what if you decide to get started in a serious way, let's say, like trying to record your song or classical music piece yourself? It sounds a really amazing thing and (what's great) you can actually try to make your dream come true. Have you ever viewed one of the millions of videos on Youtube where someone is playing an instrument or singing a song at home? We are sure that you know what we mean and that's probably why you made your mind about recording your first song/piece at home.

How do such Youtubers record their videos at home? It's actually easier than you may think, but you obviously need a few tools to get started. We want to show a step-by-step guide to your first DIY home recording studio, so get ready to take note of the following tools that you need as your basic essentials.

Go Simple, Cheap And Creative!

Many people think that a good video is often the result after a complex project… not at all – all you need to focus on is "simplicity". The simpler and easier to understand is almost always synonymous with pleasant and attractive (humans feel attracted by what they can understand).

The market for home recording tools is often too expensive even for professional musicians, but by luck, you can still find numerous cheap solutions. Just avoid going too cheap otherwise you will get a very low quality of sound. You can really build up your home recording studio for a reasonable amount of money, like $400 or $500.

Prepare Your Study Room

Of course, an essential thing that you need is a good environment where to set up your home recording studio and spend your time making your videos. A room at home which is quite enough to allow you to record your voice or instrument sound without any external noise would be the ideal solution, instead of renting a recording studio elsewhere.

Make sure that the door lock of your room works as intended – Locksmiths reveal that many homeowners get locked in or out rooms at home accidentally. If you notice that the door lock isn't that solid, call for a residential locksmith to get you to save from a potential emergency at home. Or, if you want to get a new door lock installed click here to visit the website of ABC Locksmiths, a major locksmith company in the US.

Take Note Of What You Absolutely Need!

So, here we are to the main point – prepare to take note of the following items that you absolutely need in order to record your first music video:

  1. Computer
    The first tool that you need is a good computer or even a laptop which is enough fast for music production. Avoid buying a cheap computer or a basic model because you need an excellent tool for sound recording and video-making process.

  2. Audio interface combohome studio recording
    A DAW software is essential to record music, edit and mix your pieces on your computer. The Audio Interface is the hardware to use which connects your computer with the other tools that you are using in the same moment. The DAW and the Audio Interface can be bought separately or as a combo, but keep in mind that the latter is better for a first-time studio recording.

  3. Microphones
    Normally, experienced musicians have many types of microphones in their studio, depending on what they have to record and from the sound effects that they want each time. As a beginner, you will be satisfied with just one or two. The choice of the type and model of microphones depends on the instrument that you play and want to record. In fact, there are microphones that are suitable for high-frequency instruments as well as others that are ideal for low-frequency instruments.

  4. Headphones
    Probably you already have headphones at home, but for music recording, you will need very specific types like the closed-back headphones for tracking and open-back headphones for mixing. It would be good to have both types as they help with different tasks.

Last but not least, enjoy your time and make several trials to get acquainted with the home recording!



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