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Pelagic Records – “Pelagic Fest 2018” (Regular Hard Tickets)


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We‘re WAY stoked to announce the 3rd edition of Pelagic Fest on May 18, 19 and 20, 2018!


Caspian | [Secret Headliner] | pg.lost | EF | RosettaBISON | Arms and Sleepers | AbrahamHypno5e | LLNNRADARE | B R I Q U E V I L L E | Earth Ship | HYENAS | Twinesuns | Shrivel | Aswekeepsearching | Ohgod and more…

This time around, Pelagic Fest will be held in a much more intimate setting, compared to the previous 2 editions: at cassiopeia Berlin, the closeby Badehaus Berlin (on the same premises) and Bi Nuu (Friday only). We will sell only 300 tickets.

Our goal with this move is to provide an annual showcase for our bands, to present them under good technical but still intimate club-conditions to fans and industry folks, and most importantly: To have a FUN festival with a great vibe – the music shall obviously be at the center, but we all know it is the surrounding circumstances that are equally important: a nice venue in a good part of town, friendly staff, good food, places to chill, a nice Biergarten, music & merch market, maybe even a cinema… we felt that there was a serious shortcoming of at least some if not all of these aspects at the previous editions of Pelagic Fest held at C-Club, and this is why we have consciously decided to shrink into a familiar DIY space, rather than grow…

We‘re looking forward to seeing you fine folks out there!

For more info visit:
FB Event: Pelagic Fest 2018

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