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A SWARM OF THE SUN – “The Rifts” 2xLP + “The Woods” LP + T-Shirt Bundle


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The Rifts is the 3rd album of Swedish duo A SWARM OF THE SUN and was originally released in 2015. The Rifts is sombre and brooding, heavy and melancholic, crushing and fragile in equal measure: a bleak and beautiful journey through the battered inner landscapes of the heart and soul: a dolorous tale of lost hopes, dreams falling apart, final moments of clarity and redemption… and appositely reflecting the current state of the world 5, years after its release – isolation.

The Rifts is the sonic manifestation of a heavy black cloud of abstract yet overwhelming feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears– a collection of intimate reflections on a very specific, profound and personal struggle which needs to stay somewhat untouchable and diffuse, as further verbal explanations would be divesting this immense work of art of its sheer and raw emotional impact.

What initially was a handful of piano sketches, nine song titles, a few lines of lyrics and a notebook full of script-like visual references slowly evolved into something much more dense and layered. With Karl Daniel Lidén (The Old Wind, ex- Terra Tenebrosa) on drums, the band also had an immensely talented recording engineer and producer (Crippled Black Phoenix, Bloodbath, Breach), within their own ranks, and access to David Castillo and Jens Bogren’s studio Gröndahl in Stockholm. The sessions culminated with the recording of the pipe organ. The result is absolutely massive, overwhelming, cinematic and pummeling; a sinister foreboding of the emotional truths at the core of this tremendous album.

The Woods is the 4th album of the Swedish duo A SWARM OF THE SUN, originally released in 2019 via the band’s own label, and now reissued on vinyl via Pelagic. The album is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2015 release, The Rifts. The Woods expands on it’s predecessor’s signature sound of cold, emotional and heavy instrumental rock and completes the painting of a bleak and deeply unsettling winter landscape, in sound.

The Woods consists of only three 13- minute pieces. With patient restraint undertones, A SWARM OF THE SUN create a colossal album that immerses the listeners and drags them deeper and deeper into the band’s dark waters, from the very beginning of the record until the end. In all the desolation there is a faint glimmer of comfort, the bare comfort of knowing you’re not alone, that you have a companion in the dark.

The album oscillates between moments of stillness and outbreaks of violence and chaos, seamlessly sewn together by a grandiose mix and master realized by long-time collaborator Karl Daniel Lidén (Crippled Black Phoenix, Bloodbath, Breach), who also played drums on the recordings.

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