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look at these beauties! Golden vinyl with black haze. Ltd. to 250 copies. Get your hands on one of these now, before it’s too late! HERE‘s your chance…

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PELAGIC RECORDS to release IMPLORE’s debut album “Depopulation” in September! Tue, 14 Jul 2015 10:23:08 +0000

It’s a bit hard to pin down where IMPLORE​ are really from. The band members live mainly in Hamburg these days, but lead vocalist and bass player Gabriel Dubko was born in Argentina, and has lived in Barcelona, LA and Hamburg. Heaven Shall Burn​’s Christian Bass played drums for the band, as well as Suffocation​’s Kevin Talley.

The band’s first EP “Black Knell“ was furiously celebrated in the grindcore and crust scene and instantly opened up a lot of doors and touring opportunities for the band, with shows opening for Nails​ and Festivals like Obscene Extreme​ & Fluff​.

„Depopulation“ is the first album of this very young band, that in its less than 2 years of existence has already toured Europe several time, as well as the US and even Mexico. The band recorded with Earthship​’s Jan Oberg at his Hidden Planet studios in Berlin, and Christian Bass from Heaven Shall Burn behind the drumkit once more. The album’s 16 tracks clock in at just under 30 minutes: „Depopulation“ has everything you want a solid grindcore album to have: gnarly riffs, super fast blast beat attacks, harsh, feisty vocals and that particular Swedish guitar tone we all love so much.

Make sure to catch the band live when they come near you, and we promise you that it won’t be long: IMPLORE are already in the process of planning their next European tours. Now listen to the EP “Black Knell” to wetten your appetite for “Depopulation”.

track listing “Depopulation”:

1. Epicyte / Parasite
2. Sentenced
3. Thousand Generations
4. Homo-Consumens
5. Hegelian Dialectic
6. Cadaves On Parade
7. Hoax
8. Anthropocentric Selfishness
9. Iscariote
10. Neo Luddite
11. Ruthless Conspiracy
12. Bohemian Grove
13. Intrincated Scapegoat
14. Inexorable Malignancy

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GALVANO’s “Trail Of The Serpent” LP coming out on July 10th! Sun, 17 May 2015 23:18:02 +0000

Here’s a fine record to fuck up your summer! From the deepest, nastiest recesses of Gothenburg comes crushing Swedish sludge duo Galvano. 4 heavy-hitting tracks full of of epic riffing and tantalizing drumming, each of them reaching and stretching past the 10-minutes mark. But you will not find the slow, surging buildups that have become so typical in today’s post- genres, in Galvano’s lengthy compositions: this album is a refreshingly diversified ode to the power of the riff… a record that will inevtiably make you move, and what better could guitar music do to you?

ltd. edition of 250 copies on golden wax with black haze. Preorder now HERE !!!


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We’re happy to announce that we finally received the KLONE and TAKA vinyl last week. All preorders have either already shipped, or will ship this week! If you want to know why some of our recent vinyl productions have been delayed, read THIS ARTICLE!

“there are indicators that the majors are actively trying to secure substantial vinyl production capacity at the remaining pressing plants. How? By paying in advance… If this is the case – and the pressing plants are denying it – it would mean that the majors are attempting to buy their way into an industry that they played a significant role in destroying.”

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new MONO T-shirts by Emi Kanazawa! Fri, 08 May 2015 21:20:10 +0000

these beautiful new MONO shirts are available now, designed by Emi Kanazawa. Printed on Gildan soft style shirts. Get them HERE. Girl shirts available HERE!

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The Ocean tote bags! Fri, 08 May 2015 20:30:21 +0000

we have nice “Winged Octopus” tote bags in stock now!

get them HERE



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MONO to release 2xCD Photo-book with stunning photographies from the “Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness” Tour! Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:54:22 +0000

Right in time for the start of their 2nd European tour in support of the band’s 2014 double-album ‘The Last Dawn’ / ‘Rays Of Darkness’, MONO will release a limited edition photo-book featuring 100

pages of black and white photography by Chinese photographer Muto, taken during the band’s October 2014 Asian tour. Limited to just 800 hand-numbered copies, the photo-book will be wrapped in a slick linen cover with blind embossing. The book also comes with 2 CDs of live recordings from their last European tour.

“We wanted to make this release even more special, so we decided to reveal some sounds from the tour along with the images“, states Taka. „The live recordings were done during our last European tour in November and December 2014. Our live sound engineer recorded all of the 26 shows in 15 countries. The quality of the audio material represents MONO appropriately. We are a live band that uses no gimmicks, and that’s exactly what these recordings reveal; live as the sound was captured — no edits, no overdubs.“



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MONO’s guitar player TAKA GOTO to release solo album! Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:50:21 +0000

We are proud to release Takaakira “Taka” Goto’s first solo album ‘Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty’ on April 24/27 in Europe!

The album was originally written and recorded in 2003, but was never completed and ready for general release. „I wasn’t actually thinking about sharing this album with anyone at the time. It didn’t sound like MONO, so I left it as a trail to my envisioned world, as my personal collection“, Taka explains. The tracks sank into oblivion as Taka focused on Mono (Japan).

Now, in 2015, they appear like a melancholic relict of the past… a relict much too precious and too authentic to be polished up – and hence, Taka decided to simply master these tracks, and to release them as they were, in their raw, slightly shop-worn beauty.

Much like the album title insinuates, his music carries the dignity and grandeur of classical music, with its big orchestrations of piano and strings… yet at the same time, there is the rawness and the high-energy impact of punk rock, with wails of electric guitars and shrouds of noise.

Available formats:
ltd. edition clear vinyl with black haze (ltd. to 250 copies), solid white vinyl (ltd. to 500 copies)
black vinyl, CD (digipak), digital


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PELAGIC RECORDS sign KLONE Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:48:48 +0000

12 years after their debut release, KLONE, hailing from central France, are back with their 6th studio effort: “Here Comes The Sun” shows a mature rock band whose musical universe has expanded over the years. The band’s metal roots have slowly but confidently given way to an ethereal rock sound, substantially vintage but modern in sound and delivery; driven by heavy riffing as much as by delay-soaked guitar-reverie and careful vocal melodies…
Klone have opened for bands like Gojira, King’s X and Orphaned Land, and have played the main stage at Hellfest. “Here Comes The Sun” is the album that will see Klone be thrust into the limelight. It’s just too good to be ignored! But check it out for yourself and take a first listen HERE.

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Lo!’s ‘Orca’ clip is the “most visually striking video of the year”, according to Metal Injection! Mon, 23 Feb 2015 21:26:24 +0000

Lo! have recently stirred up quite a fuzz with a video for the track “Orca”, off this EP. NoiseyDecibel and Metal Hammer have premiered the clip, and Metal Injection have called it the “most visually striking video of the year”.

Check it out if you haven’t seen this orgy in pink already!

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